Every now and then, liquid waste disposal pipes in a building get all clogged up. For some, they try to remedy this situation by pouring hot water down the drain so that it could create a little bit of melting effect on the debris blocking the passage. These can be a little bit effective and buy users some time, but in most cases, it is a matter of time before this happens again.

This situation wouldn’t have occurred in the first place if only users of plumbing utilities such as kitchen sinks and bathtubs paid due attention to maintenance. So, if you want to limit the possibility of getting a clogged up pipe in your home, the best thing to do is to identify materials that could get clogged up in these pipes and avoid them going through the pipe as much as possible. That way, you will save yourself of some cash that would have gone to maintenance and the embarrassment of a dirty and blocked pipe.


If you live in a household where eggs are consumed a lot, there is a possibility of getting them flushed down the pipe. You might feel it is just a few eggshells at a time, and the water accompanying it will be more than enough to see it through the pipe; but hey, it doesn’t work like that all the time. The membrane layers of eggshells can wrap around the shredder ring thereby damaging the disposal. Also, the lightness of egg eggshells causes pipes to become clogged over time.

broken egg shells
  • Toys

Do you have kids in your space? Then you have got to be mindful of what they do with their toys. If you are a nursing parent, you will agree that toys have a very annoying way of scattering. With the kids playing around, the pieces of these toys can find its way to places like the bathtub and kitchen sink, and then the toilet.

You want to pay more than usual attention to what your kids do with their toys, so you don’t let them dispose of it wrongly. It might be just the arm of your kid’s “buzz” toy lying in the toilet bowl. However, don’t flush it down the drain. If it becomes a habit, it is only a matter of time before the toilet pipe becomes blocked.

  • Fruit peels

If you are one of the many fruit lovers in Biloxi, it is another one you should be wary of. Some fruit peels look like they are going to decongest so easily. However, what happens is after you flush them down the pipe is not visible to you. So, do not be testing the capacity of your pipe with this waste and be hoping it scales through the test. In order to make this work, just have it at the back of your mind that what cannot be consumed should not go down your kitchen drain.

  • Feminine products and baby wipes

This is a major problem in public spaces. It is generally unethical to have sanitary pads and cotton wipes flushed down the drain. People are more likely to do this in public facilities when they know they have little or nothing to lose if anything goes wrong. After all, no one is watching them. The basic truth is that it is a bad habit. Whether it is a private or public facility, it is only a matter of time before the pipe gets blocked when feminine producers and baby wipes are being flushed down toilet drains. It is best that you dispose of it through other proper alternatives available.

  • Wipes and cosmetic materials

Nursing mothers and ladies are the culprits here. In the early stages of child care, there is a lot of usage of wipes in cleaning up the baby whenever it gets itself soiled. You might think wipes are so light that they can go down through the pipe down to the sewage.

The truth however is this; any clean-up items besides toilet paper should never be put down the toilet bowl. This is because it will not decompose easily. Even if it escapes the pipe and finds its way through the drainage system, it will become a problem in the sewage if the disposal continues over time. If you have to dispose of the sewage, it is best you make use of the toilet papers. The uniformity in the structure of toilet paper allows it to fall apart quickly when immersed in water. This quality is what you can’t get from wipes and the likes.

If you flush a wipe down the toilet bowl successfully, you might feel it is a good idea to continue. It is only a matter of time before the drain is clogged with wipes. Once this happens, you may have to call a Biloxi plumber to clear the drain. This service is not likely to be for free, so it is best you avoid it while you can.

Starches and starchy foods

Starchy foods such as potatoes, celery, corn, corn husks, onion skins, and others in this class are not good for your pipe. It gets clogged up in your pipe over time, and sometimes the flow of hot water might not be enough to get it all cleared.

In the same vein, you are not to keep them in the garbage disposal for too long. If kept there, it can get clogged around its blades, thereby damaging the motor and causing a big backup. If starch and starchy foods form a huge chunk of the waste generated in your house, your best bet is to get it to your garbage disposal and dispose of it as often as possible to prevent clogging.


When your waste is properly managed, you have a better chance of keeping a clear pipe. That way, you will avoid the unnecessary cost of clearing a clogged up pipe. However, if it happens that your pipe is clogged already, there are competent plumbers in Biloxi who can get it fixed.

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