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With the general weather condition in North America, you just can’t do without water heaters during the cold time of the year. Just like every other home appliance or gadgets, water heaters do give owners a hard time with their functioning at least, once in a while. To get the best out of the situation, some call the plumber straight up to get it fixed. However, what happens if your plumber is not readily available? Most of the time, you can find your way around a water heater.


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Turning down the water heater without a plumber

One common problem most people face with their water heater in Biloxi and beyond is the inability to turn down the water heater. When the water is too hot and you are having a hard time turning the heater down, you don’t have to call the plumber just yet. Instead, you should just turn the thermostat down to a lower temperature. After that, you wait a few hours and then test the water on a faucet.

If after the waiting period, you hear boiling water sound, or hot water and steam shoot out of your faucets before turning them on, this implies that the problem is as a result of your unit not turning off once it reaches its set temperature.

This could be due to faulty parts in your unit. At this point, you just have no choice but to contact your plumbing specialist. Apart from the difficulty in turning down a water heater, there are many other heater related challenges which you could face. However, you can always try to do something about it and see if it works instead of having to call the plumber. Another situation that can come up with your heater is the possibility of it discharging colored water.

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Dirty or Rusty-colored Water

If your hot water is discolored, dirty, or rusty this is likely to be a hot water heater issue. Most of the time, this happens after a water heater has been in use for so long. To remedy the situation, try the cold option. If only the hot water is discolored try flushing your tank. On the other hand, if the cold water is also discolored, it is likely the issue is not coming from the water heater.

One other possibility is that the Sediment in your tank can discolor your water. You can also consider flushing your unit. It is possible that it contains some sediment responsible for coloring the water. If that is the case, the flushing should be enough to get your water color back to normal by following the steps below;

 Before flushing your tank, make sure you turn off the power and or gas supply. Then, do the following.
 Connect a garden hose to the bottom of your unit and channel it out into the drain.

 Close the inlet water faucet. Then, open the drain; letting the water tank completely drain.
 Close the drain faucet and turn on the cold water inlet a while.
 Once all the nearby faucets stop making noises, turn them off
 Open the drain once more until all the water drains completely out.
 Repeat steps till the water is clean

If this doesn’t solve your problem, then you might have no choice than to invite the plumber.

Casually cleaning a garbage disposal

Being an integral part of the plumbing system of homes and other buildings, the constant use of garbage disposals over time generates an unpleasant odor. While the dirty parts of your garbage disposal might not be visible, the odor is usually the red flag that suggests that your garbage disposal is due for cleaning. Here are some tips to make it better.

1. Taking care of the visible portion.

Most of the time, the invisible portion is where the odor is coming from. However, a generous amount of soap, a scrubbing brush, and a dish wand could be good enough instruments to keep the odor at bay for a while. This will take care of the visible part and kind of suppress the smell in the invisible part.

Worthy of note is that you pay attention to the joint where the rim meets the sink basin while you are doing this. That way, you will clear every mound, food particles, and debris that could have grown in this part of the disposal.

2. Regular flushing

You don’t actually have to wait for a bad odor to start oozing out of your garbage disposal before you make a move. Instead, you can map out a simple preventive plan, this you do by making sure you flush the garbage disposal system with hot water at regular intervals. Once in every two weeks is an ideal interval for this interval. When you do this, germs won’t be able to breed in the inaccessible area of the garbage disposal system. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the odor.

3. Citrus solution

This is another mode of preventing your garbage disposal from stinking. If you have a spare lemon, orange or grapefruit, they can be of great use in this regard. All you need do is grinding the fruit and perhaps, combine it with the hot water solution earlier mentioned the impact of citrus oil in keeping your garbage disposal clean and fresh is simply amazing,


The service of a plumber is quite essential in every building. However, you can find your way around situations with your plumber-related equipment pending the time you are going to have your plumber around. There are a number of skilled plumbers in Biloxi and its environs. You do well to look out for one who would be your go-to guy in case you find yourself in a plumbing fix.

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